Bracing For The Storms

damaged tree care

The Importance of Damaged Tree Care in Extreme Weather


As the UK grapples with increasingly extreme weather conditions, it’s never been more important to repair and protect our trees. At Kingley Vale Tree Care, we understand that trees need care and attention, especially in the face of unpredictable weather patterns.


Dead or damaged limbs, which may seem harmless during calm days, can become hazardous during high winds, storms, or even under the weight of snow and ice. The risk escalates when trees come into leaf, their canopies acting like sails catching the wind, increasing the likelihood of breakage and falling branches. This not only threatens the safety of our properties but also poses a significant risk to public safety.


Proactive Measures for Tree Safety

Understanding the risks, we encourage you to take a proactive approach to caring for your trees, paying close attention to trees with visible signs of damage or disease.

We offer comprehensive assessments conducted by our team of experienced tree surgeons. We specialise in identifying potential hazards and providing solutions to address them. If you’re concerned about dead or damaged limbs on your trees, don’t wait for the next storm to take action. We can visit your property, assess the condition of your trees, and offer expert advice along with a free quotation for the removal of dangerous limbs.

Trees that are well-maintained and free from hazardous limbs are more resilient to extreme weather, reducing the risk of damage during storms.


damaged tree care


Concerned about your trees’ dead or damaged limbs? Act before the next storm hits. We’re ready to inspect your trees, evaluate their health, and provide expert advice, along with a complimentary quote for removing risky limbs.

Don’t let the British weather take you by surprise. Contact us today to arrange a free visit.